Business Solutions & Manpower Development

Professional Business Solutions

Chrome Consulting Associates (Ireland & Canada) specialises in the provision of unique and everyday business solutions in the areas of strategy, policy formulation, innovation/new product introduction, capacity building, capability enhancement and business transformation across all industries.

Our partnernership approach with clients is aimed at designing efficient solutions with a strong emphasis on building capacities and capabilities of in-house human resource. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure more profitable and lasting results.


Management & Professional Advisors

Chrome Consulting Associates is well-positioned to work with our client-partners towards building and developing their in-house manpower, capacities and capabilities through its network of experienced and professional consultants in the areas of Business Administration, Economics, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Distribution, Banking, Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Six Sigma/Lean Systems, Engineering, Education/e-learning, and Human Resources.

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